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Karrina Merritt


Karrina Merritt is an experienced Registered Conveyancer.

Before entering into private practice Karrina worked in well known law firms in Adelaide for 12 years, gaining valuable experience and knowledge to enable her to give the right advice to her current clients.

Since 2014 Karrina has built up a loyal clientele who return again and again for the same superior service that has been a top priority from the start.

Areas of Practice

Private Sales & Purchases

Karrina has assisted hundreds of clients draw up the legal paperwork for a private sale and purchase.  Providing guidance to allow the clients to follow the correct process and be assured that their interests are protected.

These transactions can include agreements between relates parties or unrelated individuals.  In any transaction it is of the highest importance that there is clear and transparent communication between all parties to ensure a smooth and amicable settlement.

Matrimonial and De Facto Property Settlements

Coming from working in law firms Karrina understands the necessity to take the utmost care when dealing with clients going through difficult times in their life.  While the conveyancing is merely transactional Karrina provides her clients with the empathy and compassion they likely require during this process.

Deceased Estates

Often when a property is being dealt with after a death there are a lot of people involved.  Karrina ensures that clear communication with all parties enables the smooth handling of the property which is more often than not the family home with sentimental ties, this requires a lot of understanding towards all involved.

Residential Property

Karrina settles hundreds of residential sales and purchases every year.  From first home buyers to seasoned investors each transaction is important to us.  Karrina has experienced a large range of scenarios and outcomes so can assist with any queries that arise at any stage.

Achievements / Memberships

Karrina has been an accredited registered conveyancer with the AICSA, the South Australia Industry Body.  She is also a member of REISA and PEXA.


Karrina is passionate about serving her clients knowledgeably and compassionately.