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Our Fees

Avoid unexpected costs when buying or selling your home with Merritt Conveyancing’s fixed fee* conveyancing service.

With fixed fee conveyancing, you will be charged a fixed professional fee for our services, which we will advise at the start of the conveyancing process.  In addition to these professional fees you may have to pay for searches and any additional requested services – we will give you an estimate of other things you may have to pay for based on your individual circumstances or your property.

We do not charge extra for photocopying, faxing or phone calls.

Why use fixed fee conveyancing services?

A fixed fee for conveyancing gives you greater peace of mind for one of life’s largest transactions.

With Merritt Conveyancing the fees and charges are fixed from the start and there are NO hidden fees and NO extras.

How do I get started?

To get a fixed fee for your conveyancing, call Merritt Conveyancing today on 8447 8326 or 0407 187 951.

*Please note that we can only guarantee fixed pricing in relation to our professional conveyancing fees which are valid at the time of the transaction.

We strive to ensure that quotes for the specified searches are correct, however authorities may alter the cost of their searches without notifying us. We only charge the actual cost of searches and clients must always pay the amount charged to us by the authority.