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Selling Property

If you are selling property, it is important to get advice and assistance from a professional. We are a dedicated conveyancing practice which means we focus only on property transactions. We provide expert conveyancing services for a range of properties and clients. We can assist whether you are selling a strata unit, or residential, commercial, or rural property. We will:

  • Explain your legal obligations as a vendor and protect your rights
  • Review all legal documentation and negotiate contract conditions
  • Review/calculate financial adjustments – rates, water and body corporate levies, etc.
  • Liaise with your outgoing bank to ensure the release of any registered mortgage
  • Coordinate and complete the settlement of your sale online
  • Advise rating authorities that you are no longer the owner of the property

If you are buying and selling at the same time, we can coordinate contracts and settlements to ensure a simultaneous sale and transition to your new property.

Information for Vendors

Most residential properties in South Australia are sold by private treaty or auction.

In a private treaty sale, you list your property for sale at a set price or range. You then consider any offers you receive from potential buyers. If an offer is accepted, the buyer will typically have two business days to ‘cool off’ after they sign a contract.

At an auction, potential buyers gather at a predetermined time and place to bid for the property. If the bidding exceeds the reserve amount, then the property is sold when the auction hammer drops. Cooling-off rights do not apply when property is sold at an auction so there is no opportunity for either the seller or buyer to change their mind.

Whether you choose to sell your property by private treaty or auction, you will need a written contract for sale prepared.

A Form 1 (Vendor’s Statement) must also be available. This is a form of disclosure which must be provided to the buyer. It contains important information obtained from statutory authorities, the local council and the owner’s knowledge of the property.

We can help you prepare or review the contract and disclosure material and explain your rights and obligations as a vendor. Once a buyer is found, we will liaise with the relevant parties, including your bank if there is a mortgage on the property, and arrange settlement.

Completing the Sale of your Property Online

Traditionally, conveyancing transactions were settled by lawyers, conveyancers, and banks meeting in person to check and swap legal documents and bank cheques. Forms would then need to be taken to government authorities to transfer the title of the property and change ownership details.

Conveyancing in South Australia now takes place online through an Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO).

E-conveyancing removes the location and time barriers of physical settlements and enables the parties to complete their transaction online with greater transparency and efficiency.

We are certified users and fully conversant with the online conveyancing system which tracks the progress of each stage of your matter and facilitates the online lodgement of documents and faster access to your sale funds.

Why Choose Merritt Conveyancing?

People choose or need to sell property for various reasons and selling a home can be stressful. No matter what your circumstances, we will provide tailored, professional assistance so you can navigate the process and complete your sale with as little stress as possible. Our core focus is conveyancing, and we deliver quality professional services for a range of clients. We will communicate clearly throughout your transaction, so you know what is happening every step of the way.

If you need help, contact [email protected] or call 8447 8326 for expert conveyancing services.